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  • Have fun!
Not too many rules to follow right? That's because Rule #6 is the most important for this blog. Enjoy!

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About this blog 
(Some brief topics.)
  1. Fantage
  2. Cats
  3. Nyan Cat
  4. Kirby (From Nintendo.)
  5. Chating

Just a Note

This blog is not on/associated with Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Hi! My name is Ashlynn Travver, and I work here on Lilia's awesome blog! I have just been hired, so I'm going to be a little bit new at this. Lilia, with your permission, I'm going to post Fantage-related things, such as the new events, new clothes/hair/etc, and much more. You can call me Ash, and if you'd like to meet me on Fantage my username is tlcsparkle16. You can contact me at I'm so excited to work here! 


Hi, guys! I need your help: I've been scammed AND hacked. Please read this, it would do me a terrific favor:

Before I discovered all the blogs warning you about double trades and the scammers, I didn't even know what double trading was! A long time ago, when the Trade n' Sell first opened, I bought awesome hairs for cheap prices. Not exactly cheap, though: they cost me $100 in eCoins. At least, they costed cheaper back then than today, which you all know people sell for outrageous prices. Anyway, I was screenshotting for a banner on this website, so I was wearing my best prized hair-Movie Star hair. I ran into angelwish12, whom I had no idea she hacked and scammed. She asked, "Is your hair for trade? It's really pretty." I was thinking I could maybe get a profit out of this, like CC or PB hat, so I answered "Yup. What do you have?" She told me she had an eCoined Bright Pink hair, and I got excited because that's pretty rare too. So we double traded (I didn't even know what it meant) and because I was new at it, I didn't realize she was going to run off and I accepted first. After she got my Movie Star, she said "BRB my computer is laggy" and she logged out. A week later, I found here again since she was my buddy and I told her, "Do your part of the deal"" and she started crying and said "I'm so sorry, I offered it try other friend! OMG I'm so sorry, give me your account so I can give you 90,000 eCoins since my dad works on Fantage" Excited, I gave it to her and checked back a week later.

I was robbed. Blindly. She took not only my Movie Star hair by scamming, she hacked my account and took my eCoined stuff: Sweet Summer hair, Autumn Leaf hair, and Chloe hair. I spent $100 on those items. I cried for hours. Please help me get my items back. If I do get them back, I will host a giveaway! Here's how you can help:

Email Fantage and tell them, "On July 19, my friend tlcsparkle16 got hacked and scammed by angelwish12. Please let her get her Movie Star hair, eCoined Sweet Summer Hair, eCoined Chloe hair, and eCoined Autumn Leaf hair back. Thank you." Thanks so much for your help.



There are all sorts of people on Fantage: the generous, the weirdos, the clueless, the drama queens, the butt heads… the list goes on and on.

But there is something that nearly ALL of us want in common. We all want to stop scamming through double trades at Trade n Sell, either because you were a victim of double trading, or you know someone who was.

Nobody has taken any real action against it: some of us bloggers have tried to warn others by making a list of scammers, but were unsuccessful.

The problem isn’t us. The problem is that Fantage is too lazy to take any action against this.

How can we gather hundreds of Fantagians’ voices to vote for the same thing, in order to show Fantage what we want? A PETITION.


How You Can Help

A petition is basically a list of signatures by people who want the same thing. In this case, we all want Fantage to fix the scamming problem NOW. The more signatures the petition gets, the likelier we will get what we want.

So how can you give your signature? It’s very simple, and takes only 10 seconds. Start by clicking on the link below.

You should already be on the “Sign” tab.

Find the place where you can enter your name, email, and a comment. Fill it out. Make sure the first check box (“Show my name in the online signature list”) is selected if you want people to know you support this petition!

Then click Sign now.

You can also see how many people have signed this petition by going to the Signatures tab:


Remember that I have created this petition out of no personal gain; I have never been scammed nor hacked. I created it to help other people that DID get scammed/hacked.

Signing takes only 10 seconds. If I have spent half an hour creating this post, there is no reason you can’t spend 10 seconds and make your voice heard by signing.

If you want to take an extra step forward for all of us, you can reblog this post (if you work on a blog) and/or share it on Facebook. The more people that sign, the better chance we have.

Thank you all, and lets get signing!


Here is a little chat room where anyone can talk. Please follow the rules I have told you in the "Home" section. Thank you.

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